Engeltronics was founded in 2005 to develop innovative new audio and visual Electronics products.

Since 2005 Engeltronics has developed a number of new electronic products, and has provided design services to assist various customers to develop their own electronic products.

The company has staff with over 25 years of industrial experience. The team has in-depth knowledge of:

  • high-speed digital electronics design,
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design,
  • Microprocessor Design,
  • Embedded firmware (ANSI C) development,
  • FPGA design and VHDL coding,
  • EMC/EMI design and certification,
  • Prototyping and Testing,
  • design for manufacturability (DFM),
  • design from concept to production,
  • design for highly controlled markets such as military, bio-medical, central-office telecommunications, and gaming.

Our clients and their needs are our main consideration. This allows us to win our clients' trust and respect.


Web Page last updated on 28 June 2013